Artist Naoto Hattori’s Wide Eyed Pawspective

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HuMom has always incouraged being open to new & different pawspectives.  She believes it help us to grow & dogvelope into who we are.  The secret is to value each equally, regardless of the outcome; those outcomes are what shaped the core of who we are.  CEO Olivia here.  Good dog, I didn’t  mean to dig that deep; it just happened.  I’m a dog.  I dig…deeply.   

Why I am yapping on about pawspective you may ask? It’s because today’s artist Naoto Hattori pawsitively has a different pawspective.  When asked about it, he has said, “When I (am) lucid dreaming, I imagine myself as a floating hybrid creature or something in harmony with nature,”.   He goes on to woof, “My vision is like a dream, whether it’s a sweet dream, a nightmare, or just a trippy dream. I try to see what’s really going on in my mind, & that’s a practice to increase my awareness in stream-of-consciousness creativity. I try not to label or think about what is supposed to be, just take it in as it is & paint whatever I see in my mind with no compromise. That way, I create my own vision.”

Naoto Hattori’s creations are wooftastically surreal & equally as distrubing as they are wagnificently beautiful. His minuscule work is dog gone pawtacular in detail; one would think they were digitally created but not so.  His medium is acrylic & his pieces are always no more than six inches in size.

Let’s take a look at what I sniffed out for you.




























Want to sniff out more of Naoto Hattori’s work?  You can on Instagram. He also has a wooftastic storeHave a pawsome weekend. Remember to be gnawsome, be kind & stay safe.

CEO Olivia, with Dot & Jerry Underfoot 🐾💜🐾

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