The Dog Gone Matchboxes of Artist Ravi Zupa

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To be pawfectly honest, I had 2nd thoughts about today’s artist but Dot & Jerry Underfoot reminded me, it’s not about me, it’s simply a humans dogpiction & imagination we furleggers need only be amused by & never take serious.  Breath in (a count of 4), Hold (a count of 4) & breath out ( a count of 6) & repeat.  Hi, CEO Olivia here to pawsent today’s artist Ravi Zupa.

Ravi, well know for his pawsitively successful series Tipsy Cats has recently released a set of canine designs. A Boston Terrier with a wagnificently  high opinion of himself, a pawfectly loyal hound, & a dogsgraceful self-deprecating pug are of a few of the pieces included in this  dog gone 10 piece set of Zupa’s Matchbox series.

The work is pawtacular, even I, a good dog can not dogspute.  Each piece is printed by hand using a woodblock printing process. The three-color matchbox prints are made with oil-based intaglio ink & come with furbulous tiny certificates of authenticity that are placed in the matchbox tray.

Let’s sniff at what Dot, Jerry Underfoot & I dug up for you.  






Dot & Jerry Underfoot this one reminds them of a certain you know who. 😉













It wouldn’t be fair if we didn’t include one with a feline.  A pawfect meow!



Want to sniff out more of Ravi Zupa work?  You can on Instagram. Have a pawsome weekend. Remember to be gnawsome, be kind & stay safe.

CEO Olivia, with Dot & Jerry Underfoot 🐾💜

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