Have You Joined My Pack?


If you’ve been to our online store knottytoysforgooddogs.com, I’m sure you noticed the small pop up asking you to join my pack. Today I’m going to dog-splain why you should.

Hi everyone, CEO Olivia reporting. Becoming a member of my pack has several benefits. You’ll receive our new newsletter that includes a review of the last month’s blog posts to keep you in the loop. You’ll also get special ‘pack member only’ offers, such as one of a kind or limited edition toys. Does swag make your tail wag? How about free samples with your purchase or offers to beta test new products. And pack members can have personal gotcha day or birthday whishes from yours truly, Olivia.

So sniff your way over to Knotty Toys for Good Dogs, & sign yourself up to be a pawsome pack member today.

CEO Olivia โค

PS ๐Ÿพ Looking for wagnificent healthy & furbulously fun toys or pawsibly a supplement for the well being of your pawtacular good dog or cat? Shop Naturally

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