You’re Home Olivia ~ Happy Gotcha Day!



For those who don’t nose, yesterday was my Gotcha Day! 12 years ago huMom & I found each other.  HuMom has said many times, she will never forget that day. Dot & Jerry Underfoot meowed out loud for us to tell the story. CEO Olivia here to yap our story for both you & them.

The shelter was small & filled to capacity with many good barking dogs; all trying to get attention.  All trying to find their forever humans who would fall in love with them, take them home & treat them as pawt of the furmily.

I was one of the lucky ones.  Although I was still a young pup, I had  been there for months.  And dogspite my smaller size (many  of the dogs there were much larger than me) I repeatedly jumped to the top of the cage which was not that large but  reached the ceiling.  I barked & barked until finally huMom came in, walked over & read my ID card.  Back then my name was Molly.  She said calmly,  “Molly, sit.” I sat like a good girl.  Then she said, “I’ll be right back Molly.”  Confused I sat waiting.

When she returned she was with one of the attendants & holding a leash.  Appawrently, she was there to find a furiend for Mickey Moo Moo Man a large beautiful white shephard.  HuMom & Moo Moo had recently lost Destabella. They were both still grieving & huMom was concerned for Moo Moo; he was older &  not used to being the only dog.  He & Destabella had been together since huMom found her at 5 weeks old in the cold winter snow.


remembering Destabella



Moo Moo, huMom & I went for a walkie which gave us some time to sniff & meet each other.  I was pawsitively thrilled to be out of the shelter & smelling fresh air.  Moo Moo was gentle & seemed happy to have a little buddy to pawtect.  All was wagnificent & huMom signed the  adoption papers.  Before I left the shelter for good I was micro chipped & given my vaccine boosters.


Me & Moo Moo


On the way home huMom stopped for pizza which she shared with Moo Moo & I.  We had another little walkie before being seat belted in & on our way again.  It was a long drive & I will admit; I was  somewhat nervous.  HuMom put on soft music & every so often assured me everything was ok.  We were going home.

There was another stop…..huMom learned that day that I suffered from car sickness.  She never did get that stain out of the back seat carpet.  From then on I sat in the front with a large orange tarp wrapped around my seat & covering the floor of the car.  She always had a stack of towels & blankets in the trunk ready for a quick clean up.




Finally we arrived home.  Moo Moo & I walked around the property.   I met GG aka Puff Piggy G & MiG my new pigtastic pot bellied pig brothers & the furbulous feline Poppy.  A small muscle bound orange tabby who seemed to rule the house.  He had a special fondness for me dogspite my uneasiness around all cats.  Poppy loved to sleep with me & often slept on my back with his  paws & chin on my head.  He also loved to give me massages that I didn’t really want, bol.





Once inside the house huMom took off my harness & I ran around the open space before jumping on the bed.  I sat there looking out the big window feeling I had  arrived.  HuMom came over, took off the gnarly pink collar I wore at the shelter & said, “You’re home Olivia.”





Have a pawsome week, CEO Olivia, Dot & Jerry Underfoot 💜


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