The Delicate Metal Sculptures of Artist Taiichiro Yoshida

Canine Culture


CEO Olivia here today to share the wooftastic work of Japanese Artist Taiichiro Yoshida who creates pawtacular animal sculptures shaped from flowers made of colored bronze, copper & silver. They are simply wagnificent.

Decorative metalworking has a long history in Japan.   Yoshida follows century old traditions in his hot-metal treated sculptures of flower-encrusted animals. His metal carving handiwork is pawfected by his color techniques, pawduced by super-cooling the heated metal at pawcise stages which he views to be one of the most impawtant aspects of his art. There are 4 feature colors in his pieces: white, pink, pinkish brown, & copper patina. He has said the work can be difficult & tedious to pawduce, but it earned him the 2015 Taro Okamoto Contemporary Award.

Let’s take a sniff.










Want to see more of Yoshida’s work? You can, follow him on Instagram or check out his website.

Have a pawsome weekend. Remember to be gnawsome, be kind & stay safe.

CEO Olivia, Dot & Jerry Underfoot 🐾💜🐾

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