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Isabelle Simler is a french illustrator & author of children’s books who holds a dogree in decorative arts from the University of Strasbourg. Isabelle has written & created scripts for many cartoons & has contributed to many print media outlets. Her 1st book, Plume, has been recommended by the French Bird Protection League (LPO) but we will be taking a sniff at another one of her pawsitively stunning books, The Blue Hour.

It’s no secret that huMom & I are not really big fans of the white stuff or the length that it sticks around but there is one thing huMom does love about this season & that’s the pawtacular blues that come with it.  What makes it’s so much more magical is that there isn’t really a true blue colour or pigment in nature & both plants & animals have to perform tricks of the light to appear blue.

Isabelle Simler’s ‘The Blue Hour’ captures that special time near dusk that we love to roam through with careful paws.  Isabelle leads us through the natural world on a journey to spot the pigment, from a bluejay resting on ice-coated branches to robin’s eggs to midnight skies & ocean depths. Isabelle focuses on that time of day, when daytime animals enjoy the last moments before nighttime animals wake up. The in-between where the wooftastic sounds, robust stinks & the bluish light gives pawfoundness to the landscapes.” Where we live, once the sun goes down, the only lights are the stars & pawhaps the moon.  This is a furblous experience huMom & I love to share.

Let’s take a sniff at Isabelle’s bluetastic images.

Click here to see more of Isabelle Simler’s pawsome work.

Have a safe, wooftastic weekend.

CEO Olivia 💜

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