What’s With Those Zoomies?


Hello everyone, CEO Olivia reporting. You know what Zoomies are, right? It’s when a good dog suddenly explodes into a quick burst of energy. Some dogs chase their tails  but I’m a runner. I get the Zoomies after a good business meeting & run laps around the yard.

The technical name for zoomies is ‘frenetic random activity periods’, or FRAP for short. Why we get the zoomies isn’t always about being happy. There are several reasons your good dog might feel the need to go zoom. It may be triggered by anxiety due to a vet visit or a grooming appointment, but it could also be the excitement of a playmate coming for a visit, a trip to the favorite dog park or the human coming home from a day at the office.

Sometimes zoomies might just be a show because we notice the humans seem to get excited & enjoy watching us zoom about. In this case it’s more of a fun game than anything.

If it doesn’t look like your good dog is comfortable or having fun, you might want to find out what’s triggering the zoomies. Once you isolate the cause, you can work on teaching your good dog a new way to respond to the trigger that doesn’t involve zooming around.

After I’ve had a grand mal seizure, my post ictal behavior often includes what could be called the zoomies. I dash about & it’s very obvious I’m not doing it for fun. huMom fills my Kong with coconut oil which give me something to focus on. This usually stops my frantic dashing.

In conclusion, zoomies are perfectly fine if it’s simply an expression of joy, or releasing some energy. But if you think your good dog isn’t enjoying zooming about, you might want to consult your vet & take action. Sometimes you’ll see that the facial muscles are really tense, or the ears are back. Even if they’re wagging their tail, if they’re not wagging their whole body, it may be an indication that something isn’t right.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I feel the need for some zoomies.

CEO Olivia

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