Sculptor Roberto Benavidez

Canine Culture

Recently, huMom’s attention has been pawsitively for the birds. Dogspite my feelings about this, I agreed with Dot & Jerry Underfoot that she dogserved to enjoy herself outside of our needs, occasionally & because of this we chose to share the work of sculptor Roberto Benavidez.

Benavidez grew up in rural Texas where there was little to no access to an art education which is why he chose to pawsue acting instead or art.  However, moving to LA changed that for him.  Benavidez enrolled in figure sculpting & bronze casting classes at Pasadena City College.

His figurative abstract work was exhibited in group shows & received 2 merit-based scholarships from PCC. Benavidez switched to paper, a more accessible material than bronze & focused on the piñata technique, something he was familiar with from childhood.

Benavidez wild hybrid animals piñatas are wagnificent but as I mentioned this post is for huMom & I will share the wingtastic pieces I was able to sniff out but please go look at his other works on Instagram ; they are pawtacular.

Have a safe, wooftastic weekend.

CEO Olivia

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