The Unending, Ever Evolving Fight With Canine Epilepsy


Hello everyone, CEO Olivia reporting. Today I’m recovering from a long battle with the epi monster. I had gone 149 days without a seizure.  Being armed with knowledge, experience & a protocol we were able to get through this rough fight with epilepsy.

However, huMom feels she ignored warning signs. I had gone so long without a visit from the monster that we had let our guard down. For example, there was a big weather shift which is often a trigger. I was more reactive than normal & lunged at an ATV as it drove by. I also barked at SAM like I didn’t know him when he came down the driveway. But the biggest warning signal was me showing huMom my belly which in normal dogs is cute but with me it’s a red flag.

Lessons learned. You can never let your guard down. Not with canine epilepsy. Don’t ignore the warning signs even if that means you need to create a sign or post-it that you can frequently see to remind you during those seizure free days; do it. I know huMom will.

Before starting our CBD journey huMom did extensive research.  Part of that research discussed micro-dosing.  We felt micro-dosing was the best approach for me.  Next week I will dig deeper into the subject of micro-dosing but for now what I can tell you is that I started with 2 drops of CBD tincture on each inner ear flap (hairless).  It seemed to work; for 149 days. Then it did not. Which means we need to increase the dose. So, instead of 2 drops on each ear flap every 24 hours, I am now receiving 2 drops in each ear flap every 12 hours.

HuMom & I would like to thank everyone for the support, pawsitive energy, prayers, love & kind words. When we stand together, we stand strong! 💜 nose nudges 💜

CEO Olivia

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12 thoughts on “The Unending, Ever Evolving Fight With Canine Epilepsy

  1. So sorry your run didn’t last longer but it was a good run nonetheless. So you do topical applications of the CBD and not internally take the drops? We’ve always administered our drops internally. I’m exploring a gradual substitution of copaiba essential oil for the CBD since CBD metabolizes much like phenobarbital and thus hard on the liver.

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    1. Thank you 💜
      Yes, we use CBD as a topical. I am receiving 2drops on the inner flap of each ear every 12 hours. This application avoids metabolization via the liver & is the next best delivery system to oral which we use if managing an actual seizure episode.
      In regards to CBD being hard on the liver we are researching everything we can get our paws on.
      What we have learned is that the
      original study that alleged that CBD raised liver enzymes was published in a medical journal called Molecules, & was conducted by the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Researchers looked at the effect of various dosage amounts on mice, using the recommended dosage amount for humans to scale. The study found that mice who received higher doses of CBD showed liver damage within 24 hours, with 75 percent on the brink of death in a matter of days.

      There is just one big problem with the study: it was conducted using Epidiolex, an FDA approved CBD isolate, and the dosage was astronomically high. Epidiolex is NOT a full spectrum hemp extract, which means that the entourage effect is not in place and the amounts given were purposefully misleading.
      They were using unrealistically high dosages which skewed the outcomes.

      There is more evidence that CBD is in fact helpful in healing the liver. I could go on but will end reminding all of us to always source your information. Who wrote it? Do they have an invested interest? How so?

      We have heard about copaiba. It sounds wonderfully promising. We are big fans of essential oils when used properly. We love Frankincense & Lavendar.
      Please keep us updated. Strength to Elsa & to you, Norman & Elsa💜nose nudges💜


      1. Will do, Olivia. I’ll have to look into that topical application method. Elsa has her annual blood work done net month so I’ll see how it compares to the previous years. Thanks for sharing your experience and (as always) thorough research and experience. Hugs and tail wags 💜💜💜

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