Olivia’s Annual Silent Auction for the Wally Foundation


Hello everyone, CEO Olivia reporting. November is Epilepsy Awareness Month & to play my part in raising canine epilepsy awareness I’m pleased to announce that Knotty Toys for Good Dogs will once again be holding my annual silent auction for The Wally Foundation ~ Canine Epilepsy.

The Wally Foundation provides financial assistance and/or donated medications for those who struggle with the ongoing, high cost of epilepsy medications & treatment. No one should have to choose between food or medication for their epileptic dog or cat. Nor should anyone have to surrender or euthanize a beloved companion due to the ongoing cost of meds.
The Wally Foundation also provides a wagnificent online community for those living with canine epilepsy. A pawtastic place for sharing information, pawsonal stories highs & lows, & support. 
Here’s how you can pawticipate in my auction. Starting Monday November 16th, you can go to my Facebook page, Oh, the Life of Olivia, there you’ll see the post for the auction pinned to the top of the page. You will see pictures of each prize being auctioned with it’s minimum bid. Click on the picture of the prize you wish to bid on & post your bid in the comments. If someone outbids you, just post a higher bid. We will cut off bidding at Midnight, November 28th & will announce the winners on Monday, November 30th. Payment can be done through PayPal or eTransfer.

For those who would like to pawticipate by donating an item to my Silent auction please send my huMom a message on the KTFGD’s Facebook page , or me, Olivia at Oh, The Life of Olivia  or via email, knottytoys4gooddogs@gmail.com

I’ll be announcing what pawsome items Knotty Toys for Good Dogs will be donating in the next few days, so stay tuned.

Remember to show your support by showing your purple.

CEO Olivia

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