Wordless Wednesday for June 27th

wordless wednesday

Angel Ruger

Sometimes you just need a moment to ‘paws’ & reflect. Here at Knotty Toys for Good Dogs, we call that Wordless Wednesday. On this day, we are remembering my BFF & fellow epi-warrior, Angel Ruger.


It’s not too late to enter my Barkday card drive for the Wally Foundation. You’ll be donating to a good cause & you can win a wooftastic prize package. It’s too late for snail mail but you can enter via PayPal. The account is wally@thewallyfoundation.com Just a dollar is all I ask. Leave a note saying, “Olivia’s Barkday”.

If we all give a little, we can all help a lot.

Paw here for more details.

Have a wooftastic day.

CEO Olivia 

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