A Gift From Epi Warrior / Ambassador & My BFF Ruger


My BFF & Epi Warrior/Ambassador Ruger earned his wings the same day his beautiful gift arrived, June 30th 2015, July 1st 2015 AUS.

Ruger, a purebred English Staffordshire Terrier from Australia born March 28 2010 began his battle with epilepsy in August 2013.  He & his family, Melissa & Jason Brock created a Facebook page with 11,000 likes to raise canine epilepsy awareness & to show that it is a manageable condition. Ruger lived his life to the fullest & brought no end of joy & happiness to everyone who met him.

Instead of being sad  on the anniversary of Ruger’s first seizure, Ruger & HuDad decided to create an event.  ‘Ruger’s Paws – A Day of Kindness to Others, Human or Animal’ was a great success.  Many friends got involved helping to make it a day to reflect on all the wonderful things they were doing instead of being sad on that date that changed their family forever.  Ruger & his family believed in turning a disability into an ability.

Thank you Ruger & family for the love & friendship you have shown me. I will cherish & wear Ruger’s precious gift with love.

CEO Olivia


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