HuMom On The Radio


Hi everyone, CEO Olivia here. You probably don’t know this, but my huMom is very shy & prefers that I take the spotlight. This tickles my inner Diva so it’s a good arrangement. This Sunday, she will be making a rare public appearance on Internet radio.

My huMom is going to be the guest on “The Sibe Vibe” on Dog Works radio. HuMom will be chatting with host Dorothy Wills-Raftery. Together they will be discussing Canine Epilepsy of course, but also about huMom’s work with the Wally Foundation, Knotty Toys for Good Dogs & naturally, me, Olivia. (3 bum swings. 3 More).

Tune in online this Wednesday November 15th. Just follow the link above, grab some snacks & have a listen.

Have a wooftastic weekend.

CEO Olivia โค


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