Remembering Good Dog & Epi Warrior Busta


Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here. Today you’ll need to get some tissues. A follower of mine on Facebook, Jayne Prince, lost her good dog Busta & she wrote a wonderful tribute to him that I want to share today.

In Jayne’s words…

My boyย  Born on 10.4.06, Stole my heart instantly & came home with me on 23.6.06 From that day on we were joined by our hearts … You filled the house with laughter & smiles, my Busta Biggley, small & wiggley …oh that tail !

I could never picture a day without you then, we were together just about always, you shared every part of my life & home and if you couldn’t come we didn’t go .

You loved all our holidays, walks, swims, the beach & your favorite place, the woods, & always tea & scones!

You learned to go off your lead at the woods & to come back to me but each second I couldn’t see you I would panic!! But there you would be out from behind a tree,” here I am mum, don’t worry “.

At nine months you had your first seizure. I knew right away what it was & so began your long battle with the horrid epi monster.

We tried for a while without meds; removing triggers, keeping calm & vigilant of any stresses that may upset you but eventually our vet said you needed the meds . I cried that day we left the vet with your pills.

Sadly we then had to go to the vets every 6 months for your blood tests & check ups, you were always terrified but behaved perfectly. Your manners have always been excellent, a true gentleman, so brave and strong, we did it together each visit, I held you tight & we did it. I was so so proud of you always, every single day, proud “Mum’s superstar ” I called you.

During an unexpected illness in 2015 you were always by my side giving me a reason to get up each day as I knew you needed me to start your day with your meds, your food & your routine. Thank you my boy, you got me through the darkness .

We knew each other so very well, every look, every little move, you knew what I was going to do or say & I knew all your looks & ways.

Not only did you battle the epi monster but your poorly joints you were born with gave you a lot of pain, so much so that in the last few months when you could no longer get up stairs with me at night, I made our lounge into one big bed for us both. Through those long nights we slept side by side & I would sing or read to you & help you turn. I never left your side in those last months.

The seizures had taken their toll & you were struggling to eat & drink & yes you were so worn out & frail. Tired.

All of our years together I would kiss your soft golden heart ” goodnight ” .& on that day I felt it beat one last time in my hand as held you so close, before it stopped & you were able to rest free of pain & struggle.

My own heart cracked wide open that day & will be forever cracked & sore. Ten years & two days of the most precious love, friendship & smiles. You left so much love behind my boy, inside me to keep me just about going. I hope you took enough love with you over the rainbow bridge.

Your little nickname was “Peepze,” “Mum’s Peepz”. I will forever be a Peepze mummy. Forever. Mums best boy, my cup of joy. Wait for me over that rainbow because one day I will run to meet you, but not just yet.

He sleeps in his favorite spot in our garden. I light his candies every night.


We are very sad for Jayne. But Busta had the greatest gift in life, he was loved. All good dogs deserve such love.

CEO Olivia โค

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