Sharing What We’ve Learned


Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here. Over the past few years my huMom & I have written a lot of blog posts about living with canine epilepsy. We want to share what we’ve learned with others who also live with this complicated disease. So we have decided to compile several blog posts into a series of eBooks. We intend to offer them free to download either from here or on our store. In them we will include all the articles we have written as well as helpful links to epilepsy related web sites.

But before we do that, my huMom wants to offer a free, New to Epilepsy Starter Kit. This will be for families who are new to living with canine epilepsy. When I had my first seizure my huMom had no idea what was happening to me & having no understanding as to what to do was terrifying. Since then she has learned so much it seems right to pass this knowledge on.

At the moment we are planning to include information such as, for example, how to apply Ocular Compression Therapy (OCT). But we will also include a checklist of items to have ready for an epilepsy event so you will be able to spring into action when the epi-monster strikes. It’s important to keep your head & stay focused & being prepared is key to that. When everyone knows what to do & how to act, it makes an event much less stressful.

Now, we would like your input. If you are new to living with canine epilepsy or even if you are seasoned like us, we would like your suggestions as to what our “New to Epilepsy Starter Kit”, should have. Email us your suggestions at or post your ideas below.  You can even reply on our Facebook post linked to this article. Help us help others living with canine epilepsy.

CEO Olivia

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