No Medical Cannabis For Pets In Canada (For Now)


Here in Canada, the sale of cannabis in all forms will be legal as of July 1st. This has been of interest to me because CBD oil which is derived from cannabis has been proven to help manage epilepsy. There is even a strain called, “Charlotte’s Web”, which has been bred specifically for treating epileptic humans.

Generally, veterinarians in Canada have been unwilling to recommend cannabis treatments because at present, there are no official guide lines for prescribing them for animals.

Cannabis & its derivative products are prohibited under the Controlled Drugs & Substances Act. While veterinarians are included as ‘health practitioners’ in the Act, they would still require a ‘legal pathway’ to prescribe cannabis-based medicines. No medicine (cannabis or otherwise) can legally be prescribed without first being classified as an approved medicine by Health Canada, & since to date no cannabis-based medicines have been approved by Health Canada for use with animals, there can effectively be no legal pathway to prescription.

At Colorado State University, clinical trials are already underway for cannabidiol as a treatment for epilepsy, as well as for treatment of osteoporosis in dogs. These trials could pave the way for FDA-approved cannabis treatments in the USA, which could ultimately lead to Health Canada-approved treatments in Canada.

It may take some time but eventually I’m sure CBD oil’s will become available for animals in Canada. Before then, vet’s will need to learn how to adjust dosages & understand the benefits of the various strains.

It should be noted that having CBD’s prescribed by a vet will be the wiser alternative than trying to treat your animal companion on your own. Often joked about by cannabis aficionados of the human variety, the possibility of overdose is a real concern. Accidental cannabis toxicity can cause symptoms like vomiting, incontinence & irregular heartbeat.

We are keeping a close eye on this story as it is my huMom’s wish that I can try Charlotte’s Web CBD oil one day with the hope that it will shut down that Epi monster once & for all.

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CEO Olivia

4 thoughts on “No Medical Cannabis For Pets In Canada (For Now)

  1. Elsa takes CBD oil with her phenobarb meds but it is not prescribed by a vet. We pick it up through a local source either online ( or at the pet shop next to the vet we see. I’m told because it contains no THC, the active ingredient in medical cannabis, no prescription is required.

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    1. We have tried Canna Pet as well as another CBD oil & found it help with mood, balance & cognitive behaviour but not so much in managing my seizure episodes.
      Due to the high success of Charlotte’s Web management of seizures in humans we are anxiously awaiting for it’s availability in Canada.
      How does Elsa react with her CBD treatments?

      Nose nudges,
      CEO Olivia

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      1. It’s been good for her. Hard to say with certainty if it’s helped her but so far we haven’t had any more Grand Mal seizures. I’ve heard great things about the Charlotte’s Web version for children but haven’t read any results with dogs. Hopefully you’ll be able to get some soon-we’ll keep our paws crossed for you.

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