It’s Tick Time Again


Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here. With the warm weather comes those nasty bugs called ticks.

I’ve only had to deal with a tick once, it jumped on my upper front leg while I was exploring in some tall grass by the roadside. Luckily my huMom spotted it moments later, & removed it safely before it had really dug in.

Ticks are small bugs that are related to spiders & scorpions. They are most active from spring through fall here in Ontario. Ticks can be found in forests, in tall brush or grass, where they may attach to animals walking by. They feast on blood & in doing so often transmit diseases & parasites.

Luckily, ticks are visible to the naked eye & grow as they feed. During these warm months, it’s a good idea to check your good dog regularly for them. If you do spot a tick, it is important to take care when removing it. Any contact with the tick’s blood can potentially transmit infection to your dog or even to you! Treat the area with rubbing alcohol & pluck the parasite with tweezers, making sure you’ve gotten the biting head.

Since it may only take a few hours for disease to be transmitted from an attached tick, it is wise for your dog to be seen by a vet soon after any ticks are found. Keep the tick in a jar & bring it with you to your vet. It can then be tested for Lyme disease.

There are medications you can give your dog both to prevent & kill ticks. There are many pills, spray’s, & shampoos. While these medications are great, you still need to be very careful about which one you use. Make sure you read all labels carefully, & if you have any doubts, seek advice from your veterinarian before application.

There is also a tool called a “tick Twister” that is specifically designed for removing ticks. They can be purchased at a pet supply store or ask your vet. I sniffed out a video on how a Tick Twister works, it seems very easy.

Let’s all be safe this summer. If you’ve been out & about, especially in tall grass or playing in the woods, be sure to check for ticks when you arrive home.

CEO Olivia


5 thoughts on “It’s Tick Time Again

  1. Thank you Olivia very educational and helpful we hate ticks. So far Cooper doesn’t have any but our dog that’s in Heaven use to get a couple a year out walking….we removed them…no wonder I hate them they are related to spiders

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