The Canine Family Tree ~ Now You Know


Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here, I was asked by D. Milton, if there was a canine family tree. Her timing was rather good. A team of researchers have just released their findings after collecting genetic samples from 161 different dog breeds over twenty years.

The majority of the breeds tested so far (about half of those in existence) fall into twenty three groups called clades which are loosely based on geographic location, physical characteristics & skills such as herding or hunting.

For much of ourย history with humans, although we were companions we were also used for practical purposes. Humans picked the best hunters, house guards, or herders to be their best friend, depending on their needs. It has only been within the last 300 years that we have started to be selected for our looks.

Among other things learned, it turns out that breeders have used pugs, which originated in China & are one of the earliest small breeds of dog, to shrink other European breeds beginning in the 1500s.

With only half of all breeds on the tree so far it will be fascinating to see this research expanded. But remember, at the end of it all, a dog is a dog.

The canine family tree, now you know.

CEO Olivia โค

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