Berczy Park Dog Fountain

Canine Culture

My huMom’s friend Edna lives in Toronto & she told us about a new dog inspired fountain in the city. Berczy Park which is on Front Street near the historical St. Lawrence Market has undergone a redesign by acclaimed Montreal-based landscape architect Claude Cormier. Its main feature is a 16-foot-wide three-tier cast-iron fountain, which is designed to attract tourists & delight the 2,000 dogs that visit the park daily.

Twenty-seven dog sculptures surround the fountain & shoot water toward the middle. Modeled on dog figurines, the breeds include Jack Russell terriers, golden retrievers, a giant schnauzer & pugs.

The cast-iron fountain was made in Alabama. It’s big, as in 26,000 pounds big. Hoisted up high in the fountain is an unobtainable golden bone. “It’s the raison d’etre of the fountain,” said Cormier.

There’s also one cat that sits by the edge of the water, looking at two little birds. The cat was added because someone at a community consultation said, “It’s just about dogs; what about cats?” So the cat was added. How nice.

Next time we go to Toronto I intend to visit this wooftastic piece of public art.

Enjoy the weekend.

CEO Olivia

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