It’s Purple Pumpkin Time



Once again this year we will be painting one of our Halloween pumpkins purple. We are participating in the annual Purple Pumpkin Project.

Began in the fall of 2012, the Purple Pumpkin Project was founded by Ron Lamontagne who was searching for ideas on how to spread epilepsy awareness. Ron’s youngest son was diagnosed with epilepsy in 2009 at the age of four. The local pumpkin patch provided the solution. Since kids would soon be carving & decorating pumpkins, he thought why not make one purple & tell people about epilepsy when asked, “Why is your pumpkin purple?”

1 in 26 Americans will be diagnosed with Epilepsy at some point in their life. Epilepsy is also one of the most common neurological diseases in dogs, some studies estimate up to 4% of all dogs are affected.  I was diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy before my 1st birthday.

This Halloween, on the eve of Epilepsy Awareness Month, join us & turn one of your pumpkins purple & encourage others to do the same.

CEO Olivia

2 thoughts on “It’s Purple Pumpkin Time

  1. Two of my nephews have seizures and now my newest pup has been diagnosed with idiopathic epilepsy. We posted our purple pumpkin earlier this week in support of the work The Epilepsy Foundation does. I hope I live long enough to see this condition eradicated.

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