Shelter Donations



Have you ever considered donating to an animal shelter? That’s wonderful. But what to donate? What do shelters need? I did some sniffing about & found what they need most often.

  • Blankets & towels – they go through a lot. Comforters not so much because the stuffing could become an issue if a dog shredded & ate some.
  • Food – again, they go through a lot of food.
  • Toys – There is a lot of down time at a shelter. A toy can turn a boring day into play time for a dog or cat.
  • Money – the daily operations at a shelter can be costly.ย  A cash donation of any size can be of help.
  • Time – volunteers are always welcome. Dogs need to be walked & cats need play time.
  • Litter – Again, a shelter can go through a lot of litter quickly.

I’m very glad there are shelters & rescues run by compassionate humans, but it’s also sad that they are needed in the first place. Do your part to help by donating.

CEO Olivia โค

4 thoughts on “Shelter Donations

  1. Awesome! The shelter I often donate to relies on fosters to take care of their animals, and they’re always in need of more crates, leashes/harnesses, and bedding. They try to provide as many supplies as they can to the fosters, so really any and all donations can help. I’m sure you can relate!


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