An Update On Our CEO Olivia



My name is Olivia. I am a dog who lives with canine epilepsy. I recently have had to adjust one of my medications & I wanted to talk about that today.

A couple of weeks ago I had a visit to the vet for tests. Back in April we lost our home to a fire & since then I have been having Grand Mal seizures almost like clockwork, every 11 days. This is not good management so we needed to do something & that starts with tests.

Before the fire I was doing very well. In fact I was doing so well that we were able to slowly reduced my Phenobarbital dosage from 60mg down to 30mg (twice a day). Soon after the fire I had to increase my Phenobarbital to 45mg. As of yesterday I’ve had to go back to 60mg twice a day.

So far I’ve been adjusting well. The higher dose makes me want to sleep a bit more but that should pass in a few days. I may also experience mild ataxia, but so far that hasn’t happened.

In a few of weeks I’m going to see my neurologist, Dr. Greg Kilburn. My vet has consulted with him many times, but we haven’t met him yet. My HuMom is looking forward to speaking with him.

I’m fortunate that I have a vet who takes an active interest in me & a family who will do what’s needed to keep me in good health. It is my hope that all good dogs are treated as well as I am.

CEO Olivia

4 thoughts on “An Update On Our CEO Olivia

  1. I am hoping that you will begin to do better and better after you see the neurologist. I just wanted to say that I am fortunate too, in having good HuMoms that will do almost anything to make sure I have the best of care. I hope your Neurology Consult goes well and you can get back on the road to living with less seizure activity!


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