Dog Bowls for the Speed Eater



It was really something to watch my fur sister Suzie Q eat her meals. It was all over in the blink of an eye. My HuMom sometimes asked, “Did you even get to taste it Suzie?” In all seriousness we needed to slow her down. Speed eating can lead to indigestion & other tummy issues.

There are dog feeding bowls designed with the speed eater in mind. But you can also do it yourself. The basic idea is to place obstacles in the way & some people simply use a big rock in the middle of the food bowl.

dog bowl

A very popular selling bowl is the Brake-Fast no skid, stainless steel slow feed dog bowl. It has 3 pegs called stanchions which can be removed for cleaning. The stanchions prevent the dog from doing the bite & swallow method sometimes called, “wolfing”. It takes a bit of work to get the food & this slows down meal time.

There are many other types of slow eating bowls but they basically follow the same idea. They prevent “wolfing” by making the food a little tricky to get at.

Myself, I’m a slow eater. I like to savor every bite. For the record that’s not Suzie in the picture.

CEO Olivia

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