My Cocktail


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I need to take what we call a cocktail of medications every day. I take several anti-epileptic drugs (AED’s). Over time I’ve had to adjust my dosage or completely change a drug. Today I want to break down what I’m taking now & briefly describe what they do.

Potassium Bromide –  it’s actually the bromide salt that has anti-seizure properties. It is often the second drug of choice when it comes to controlling seizures with Phenobarbital being the first. It basically calms the nervous system.

Phenobarbital – is a barbiturate. It is the most commonly prescribed anti-epileptic drug  for dogs. It is considered safe & effective. It works by slowing down the brain & nervous system. For some dogs, Phenobarbital is all that’s needed to manage their epilepsy.

Zonisamide – is an anti-convulsant. It works much like Keppra in that it prevents brain cells from firing too quickly.

Keppra – Also known as levetiracetam, Keppra works by affecting the transmission of nerve signals in the brain. During a seizure it prevents brain cells from going haywire by keeping them “firing” at a normal rate. I take Keppra only when I’ve had an epileptic event. I call it my cluster buster.

There are many other AED’s. What works for some dogs may not work for another & some of these medications may lose their effectiveness over time. I’ve had to adjust or completely change a medication. I’m fortunate to have a vet who consults a neurologist regularly on my behalf. She also does a lot of research on canine epilepsy & keeps up to date on the latest information.

CEO Olivia

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