Fighting the Epi-Monster



Dogs that live with canine epilepsy are affectionately known as Epi-Warriors. I know because I am one. We call an episode “the epi-monster”. It fights dirty with sneak attacks.

Early this morning I was visited by the epi-monster, but this time, with help, I won the round. That doesn’t happen often. Every Epi-Warrior has their own cocktail of meds & their own protocols to follow during & after an attack. What worked for me this time may not work for a fellow warrior but then again, it might.

At 7:15 am, my HuMom was awakened by me. My heart was pounding, I was very warm to the touch, my eyes were like two black pools with my pupils fully dilated & I was becoming very agitated. All are typical symptoms of an impending Grand Mal seizure for me.

I had my ice pack applied immediately. Next my HuMom applied Ocular Compression Therapy (OCT) & gave me a dose of Keppra. While waiting for the Keppra to take effect I was given my Kong filled with organic coconut oil which I focused on emptying. After 15 minutes the Keppra had started to work & by 8:15 we were all resting.

Most of what we did was the protocol for after a grand mal seizure but in this case, we followed what we call a “prevent an event” protocol (thanks for teaching us that Amanda). Keppra is my cluster buster in that it prevents me from having several seizures in a row but it also works at shutting down the monster if I can get it in time.

Today, I’m resting & my HuMom will ensure that I have a quiet day. My vet was consulted this morning who then spoke with my neurologist. It was agreed that my Phenobarbital be increased from 30mg. to 45 mg. daily. In two weeks I’ll have my levels checked. I will also be having a thyroid test called, “FT4 by equilibrium dialysis”, as well as a TSH test. My Thyroid was a little low last time it was tested but my meds may have caused a false reading.

So it is with canine epilepsy, always changing & adjusting. We try to stay calm & do what’s needed. This is how we fight the monster.

CEO Olivia

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