Keeping Emotions In Check


May 28 2015

Through my Facebook page I have met many, many dogs who live with canine epilepsy. There is often sadness because far too often I learn of yet another epi-warrior who has fought the Epi-monster. Epilepsy takes an emotional toll & requires a special kind of courage that many don’t know they have until it’s needed.

We dogs are very tuned in to what our humans are feeling emotionally. So when I have a seizure, no matter how difficult, it’s necessary for my HuMom to remain as calm as possible. If she is panicking it can stress me out which could lead to another seizure.

It was five years ago the first time I had a seizure at home. It was in the middle of the night. My HuMom did not yet know I had idiopathic epilepsy & she was terrified. Since I had not yet been diagnosed there were no meds to help me. I was off to the vet early next morning but it was a long & frightening night for her which she has not forgotten.

Over the years, my HuMom has learned to keep her emotions in check (to a degree) when the Epi-monster attacks me. She knows she must keep calm & focus on protecting me from injury during the seizure & getting my cluster buster into me as soon as possible after. Focusing on what needs to be done, putting herself aside & following our established protocol helps her cope. An ice pack is applied to cool me down, Ocular compression therapy is given, I’m fed to stabilize my blood sugar & refuel me. I’m often agitated after a seizure,ย  so my HuMom gives me a Kong filled with coconut oil because it gives me something to focus on & that calms me down (it’s also good for my brain). We keep the lights low & the room quiet.

My heart goes out to all who live with epilepsy be it dog or human. It’s not easy, but there is a lot of love & support out there. Network with others, learn all you can & know you are not alone.

Canine Epilepsy Resources

The Wally Foundation

CEO Olivia โค

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