Oh, The Words of Olivia



I use unusual words. Dog words. Being a dog, it comes naturally. Humans ask for clarity sometimes. So today, I’ll explain the meaning of some of my more common dog words.

Bum Swings – sometimes, when I’m very happy, I wag my tail so hard, my entire back end starts swinging wildly. That’s a bum swing. The good dog in this video gives an excellent example.

Nose Nudges –  I’m famous for my nose nudges. I never learned to give an affectionate lick like other dogs. If I want to kiss, I just press my nose against your hand or cheek.

Walkies – going for a walk. That’s an easy one.

Zoomies – when your just so happy you have to run around at full speed…often in short bursts. I hear these are a global phenomenon. This video shows an excellent example.

Wooftastic – when something is amazing & wonderful, it’s wooftastic.

BOL! – Bark out loud. A dog cyber laugh.

Pawsome – when something is really, really good, like a really tasty treat, it’s pawsome.

HuMom – my human mom.

Pawfect – when things are going my way, life is pawfect.

Stinks – the wonderful smells & odors people & critters leave behind as they move about. I love finding & analyzing new stinks.

So there you have it. Some of my dog words. Do you have any to add? send me an email & we’ll post them in a future blog.

Be sure to enter my Birthday Give-a-way. A good dog will win a Knotty Chaw Chaw. Zoom over to our page on Facebook to enter or my Facebook page, Oh, The Life of Olivia.

CEO Olivia

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