Dog & Cats Given As Gifts Are More Likely To Be Returned


Cat and Dog with Santas Claus hats on white background

The holiday season is fast approaching. For some that might mean a new puppy or kitten as a gift. People may have the best intentions but a new family member really isn’t a “gift”. A wiggly bundle of joy seems like a delightful idea Christmas morning but it’s several years of commitment. There is a right way & a wrong way to do this.

First, be very sure your family is ready for a new member. If there are children involved are they old enough to understand bringing a dog or cat into your family is not like getting a new toy. Also, Christmas day is not the best time to introduce a new pet. It can be too busy, very loud & too stressful of a time to add another responsibility. It may prove overwhelming for both you & the new addition to your family.

The wrong way…Dad stops off at the mall & goes into the pet store. He picks out a puppy or kitten based on little or no information & brings it home. Surprise!

The right way…, A decorative note wrapped in holiday paper or small stuffed animal or pet supplies boxed & wrapped with a big bright bow can “announce” an impending addition to the family. After a discussion with the children about responsibility, the family together goes to a local shelter. They take their time, meet several dogs (or cats) & ask lots of questions. Hopefully a new member of the family will be going home with them when they leave.

It’s a sobering thought that almost every shelter is full. There are so many animals in need of a home. Pet stores generally are supplied by puppy mills. They are in this for profit. A family member shouldn’t be about money or a gift.  It should be about love, commitment & responsibility.

Remember, when you adopt you enrich at least three lives. Yours, the animal you rescued, & the animal you just made room for. Give the gift of love, sponsor, foster, rescue & adopt.

CEO Olivia

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