When A Family Member Has Epilepsy The Whole Family Lives With Epilepsy


November 30 2015

Epilepsy Awareness Month is drawing to a close. I’d like to share a few reflective thoughts. It is said that when a family member has epilepsy the whole family lives with epilepsy. It’s a disease that requires ongoing help & support of loved ones.

Having a pet with epilepsy requires devotion, patience & a huge heart. Strict regimes must be followed for medications. You must be prepared for an event 24/7. A degree of selflessness is always required when caring for a companion animal, more so if this includes battling epilepsy. It’s not about you, in fact, you must leave your ego behind & your emotions in check. It can be terrifying watching your loved one going through a seizure event but you have to remain focused, calm & attentive.

The best thing we can do is educate ourselves & share our knowledge with others living with Canine Epilepsy. Don’t simply assume your vet knows everything. The research on epilepsy is ongoing. There are many different drugs to help but finding the right dosage & combination of meds can be a matter of trial & error.

In closing, know that if you have a pet with epilepsy, you are not alone. There are many support groups that can be found on the vast internet. An abundance of information is out there & so many compassionate people that are fighting the same fight. Reach out.

To all my fellow Epi-Warriors I bark, “Stay strong & seizure free!” To all the caregivers, ❤ nose nudges ❤ & thank you for all that you do.

CEO Olivia

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