Boredom Busters For Good Dogs



It’s important that your good dog gets plenty of physical exercise but it’s equally important for them to work their brains too. Boredom can lead to OCD & other “unwanted” behaviors. A canine couch potato is just as bad as the human counterpart. So here are a few suggestions to keep a dog’s mind sharp & it’s day more interesting.

Food puzzle toys are invaluable boredom busters. Since our dogs’ wild counterparts spend much of their time scavenging for food, food puzzle toys offer a natural solution to dog boredom. Puzzle toys also encourage chewing & licking, which can have a calming effect on dogs.

There are lots of new & exciting products available that can offer a number of difficulty levels. You can use something as simple as a Kong or ball stuffed with treats to more elaborate devices that require several problem solving steps.

You can also put food to work for you by making your dog hunt for it. Hide small treats of food in the house for the dog to “hunt.” Initially, make the treats very easy to find. As your dog gets better at this game, practice hiding the food in more difficult spots.

Hide your good dog’s Knotty Gnaw or Knotty Chaw Chaw & then ask them to find their toy. When they do, make a big deal out of it & give them a treat.  The first few times make it easy so they understand the game.  As the game continues make the search more challenging. Always reward with a treat, praise & lots of enthusiasm.

At least one daily walk with your dog is important but they might grow bored of the same route. Try to regularly change up your walk so that your dog can experience new smells & sights. Keep life interesting.

It’s often difficult to work time with your dog into your hectic daily routine. If you’ve got a busy schedule, consider a doggie daycare. If possible come home for lunch & spend time with your dog. A professional dog walker, another family member or trusted neighbor could also spend time with your dog while you toil in the salt mines.

The bottom line is, just like us, dogs need mental stimulation.

Be sure to always monitor your dog when she/he is playing with a toy. Most dog toys are built to be safe, but dogs can eat anything & that can quickly turn serious (& costly!).

CEO Olivia

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