Car Safety




It’s routine for humans. You jump into the drivers seat & buckle up. But what about your canine friend? We see a lot of dogs that aren’t strapped in. This is a recipe for disaster. Even a low impact can send your dog flying through the vehicle risking injury to both your dog & anyone else in the vehicle. Consider this, a 10-pound unrestrained dog in a car traveling 30 miles an hour will exert 300 pounds of force during a crash.

We did a little research & what we found was a bit shocking. Almost all car seats & car harnesses for dogs are not safe.

Subaru of America teamed with the Center for Pet Safety (CPS) to undertake a four-year study into what devices proved most effective in safeguarding our pets during travel. In-depth crash studies were conducted at an independent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) testing laboratory with the same rigid standards as those used by the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard crash conditions for child safety seats.

The best option is to crate the dog & have the crate firmly strapped in. Gunner Kennels G1 Intermediate is the top recommended crate by the CPS. Option number two would be a Center for Pet Safety certified harness. But it seems, for now, there just aren’t safe doggy seats for the car. To see the top performing products and CPS Certified products, visit the Center for Pet Safety website.

Drive safe,

CEO Olivia

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