Changing Seasons



Where we live, Autumn is upon us. Just like humans, dogs need to adjust & acclimatize to the changing seasons.

The happiest dogs are with their family, so if you don’t already, as the weather gets colder keep your dog inside more.

It’s time to think about sweaters, hoodies or jackets for some of our friends.  Dogs with shorter fur or those that do not sport an undercoat would benefit from & appreciate the extra warmth. Our CEO Olivia has many (even a rain coat 😉 )  For those that are catlike (but would never admit it) about the rain, a doggy raincoat or umbrella may be just right for your pal.  There is a wide variety of rain boots &/or paw gear to keep their paws & pads both dry & healthy.

With the days getting shorter reflective gear is also very important.  Some people use flash gear (lights that flash on & off or flicker).  We at Knotty toys for Good Dogs are not fans of flash gear because our Good Dog & CEO Olivia lives with epilepsy.  We are concerned that this kind of gear could be a trigger during a seizure breakthrough period. For this reason we prefer reflective gear.

It’s always important to get exercise but  some days it’s just not fit for a dog out there.  On those days take brisk shorter walks devoting more time to inside games. This help both you & your good dog to adjust to the oncoming winter months.

If your dog spends a lot of time outside in the warmer months, he or she might find being indoors a bit boring. Consider chew/tug toys to keep them occupied & stimulated.

Gear up & get out with your good dog & enjoy both the colors & the weather this Fall!

CEO Olivia

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