New Canadian Stamps Promote Responsibility

Canine Culture, News


Love Your Pet: Responsible Pet Ownership is a colorful new stamp series that offers reminders of the importance of spaying or neutering, regular visits to the veterinarian, proper nutrition, creating comfortable surroundings, & plenty of play, exercise & attention. Like the popular 2013 “Adopt-a-Pet” stamp set, this issue was produced with the guidance of the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies (CFHS).

The stamps were designed by Lara Minja & illustrated by Genevieve Simms. Created to convey the important aspects of pet care in a beautiful & lighthearted way, they address important responsible pet ownership.
The animals in the artwork all show warmth & express personality in scenes where they are cared for responsibly. It’s a visually appealing & celebratory way of illustrating the pets in our lives, while reminding us about ways of keeping them safe, healthy & happy. Reminders such as spaying & neutering, nutrition, veterinary care, a comforting home, & physical & mental well being through play & human interaction.
CEO Olivia

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