Outdoor Dog?


family dog2

Despite constant urging from rescues & animal welfare groups that dogs should live indoors with their families, especially during extreme weather, thousands of dogs live their lives tied up (or chained) in backyards. There are lots of reasons why forcing a dog to live like this year-round is unhealthy & unkind — & it’s not just about the weather. Many dogs love to be outside but in this post we are referring to those who are tied up 24/7.

Two years ago our family rescued, “Susie Q”, a mixed breed Roti-Beagle who had been tied up for 7 long years. She was on an 8 foot chain & had a small uninsulated dog house. Sadly she lived only a few feet away from her human’s house & it must have been dreadful for her to hear & smell her human family but was almost never allowed to be a part of the pack. When we brought her home she was beyond happy but the harm done to her was clear. She is a wonderful part of our family but she remains very needy. She gets separation anxiety whenever someone leaves the property & she struggles still with social norms.

Dogs are highly social pack animals. Unlike their wild cousins dogs don’t have packs, they only have their human family. Keeping pet dogs tied up outside consigns them to a life of loneliness. Depriving a dog of companionship is its own form of cruelty.

It should also be noted that dogs can overheat very quickly in warm weather climates & can get hypothermia in cold, wet conditions. A dog left unattended can suffer terribly or die needlessly.

One of the cruelest things you could do to a dog is to leave them tied up outside for a prolonged period of time. Dogs kept on chains watch as the world goes by.  Can you imagine what that life would be like. No companionship, no interaction. Could you live that life?

CEO Olivia

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