Good Dog Dental Health



Many dog food manufacturers claim their kibbles (crunchies to some) clean the animals teeth. Yet dental disease is far too common, often affecting dogs before the age of two. Too many veterinarians accept dental disease as a natural occurrence in dogs when it isn’t.

The fact is, all kibbles, regardless of advertised benefits to the contrary, can cause dental disease. Plaques, stained teeth & tartar buildup have been accepted as normal for most dogs when this is a very unnatural sign of improper diet, bacterial imbalance or possibly a chronic disease.

Poor quality foods contribute to gum & tooth disease. High levels of sugars & carbohydrates provide rapidly available nutrition for oral bacteria. Poor nutrient quality simply does not support the immune system. Probably most important, though commonly overlooked, is that rancid foods contribute greatly to degeneration of all body tissues.

Feeding dogs the diet they were designed for that’s not laden with starch – is enough to prevent & even treat dental disease.

A ground raw diet helps prevent tartar build up, unlike diets that are high in starch. A balanced high quality cooked or canned diets are acceptable alternatives. But please, no kibble.

CEO Olivia



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