Clean Bowls Please


Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here. Have you ever rubbed your fingers on the inside of your good dog’s water bowl & feel a slippery slime? Well that slime is called Biofilm which is a collection of organic &/or inorganic materials that has collected on the surface. It is made up of many different types of bacteria bound together in a thick substance that acts as a glue to both hold the bacteria together & adhere it to a surface. It provides a safe haven for dangerous organisms such as Listeria & E. coli.

A dirty water bowl can lead to dental, urinary tract & bladder infections so they need to be cleaned daily with soap & water. The same goes for the food bowl. They too need to be washed daily as they will also get a biofilm build up. Look at it this way, would you eat off the same uncleaned bowl day after day. Of course not.

It just takes a few minutes to clean a bowl & you might be saving yourself a large vet bill or worse, your good dog could become seriously ill or even die. Cleanliness is next to doggliness. BOL!

3 bum swings! 3 more!

CEO Olivia