A Water Bowl Pupdate



One of the most impawtant things for us good dogs is a clean, safe water bowl. Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here, barking today about a change my huMom has made in my water bowl.

In a previous post we discussed several common choices & concluded that a stainless steel bowl was the best choice. But since then we have learned that another good choice is something called borosilicate glass, which is usually known commercially as Pyrex. It’s stronger & more heat resistant than regular glass. It is often used in laboratories & hospitals. But it’s also commonly found in any human kitchen because it’s wooftastic for freezing then microwaving leftovers. A little secret, huMom has never owned a microwave.

Pyrex is what scientists call inert, meaning it won’t absorb or chemically react to anything, so no bacteria or mold will grow on it. However, it’s still pawsitively vital to clean your good dog or cool cat’s water bowl every day with soap & water, because there will still be a build up of something called Biofilm which is a collection of organic &/or inorganic materials that collect on the water surface. This includes saliva, dirt from sniffing outside or food bits for example. Remember, petri dishes are Pyrex but you don’t want your four legger to drink from one. BOL!

CEO Olivia

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