What Is Wrong With CEO Olivia? ~ How Sinew Pet & EZ Mobility Helped.



Back in October I was out hiking on a new trail that had pawtastics stinks & was as winding as it was uneven in it’s rugged terrain.  HuMom & I were having such a wooftastic time neither of us noticed near the end of the trail that I had been dragging my knuckles.  It wasn’t until we were home & huMom checked me for ticks that she saw I had scraped the skin off the knuckles of both my front paws as well as my back left foot.  Hi CEO Olivia  here to share how huMom ruled out possible health issues & treated my injury.

Later that day I started to sway, trip when I walked, drool (can be a sign of pain) & disassociate.  HuMom was dog gone worried.  This behavior was similar to symptoms of ataxia, THC toxicosis  & back, leg or foot injury & the pain that comes along with it. Since I do take a CBD that does include a small amount THC in it, huMom reduced my dose drastically.  I went from an already micro dose of 0.65ml every 24 hours to 0.15ml.  She also gathered a urine sample first thing in the morning which we drove immediately to the Vet Clinic to have it analysed. Recently I did have a serious UTI that we treated with 14 days of antibiotics. HuMom wanted to rule out the possibility that it had returned.  According to Dr. Melissa Bain, DVM, MS, Professor of Clinical Animal Behavior at UC Davis a serious urinary tract infection can mimic the signs of Canine Cognitive Dysfunction.

The results came back negative which was pawsome but I was still swaying, behaving strangely & tripping over my own feet. If it wasn’t due to a UTI or THC toxicosis huMom felt it must be a injury; it was either my back, hip or leg.

We implemented PROM (passive range of motion) exercises, massage & acupressure, an ancient healing art  that’s based on the traditional Chinese medicine practice of acupuncture. With acupressure, you put pressure on specific places on the body. These places are called acupoints. Pressing these points can help release muscle tension & pawmote blood circulation. 

Initially, huMom iced my back, hips & legs before heating these areas using a small heating pad.  Ice is pawsome just after an injury to help lower inflammation while the heat helps with managing pain & increasing circulation.

A call was made to Joanne Carr, R.H.N, B.A., ESC, Director of OASIS (Omega Alpha Institute of Supplements). HuMom is grateful for Joanne’s knowledge, compassion & availability to discuss how Omega Alpha’s supplements can help in treating or preventing health issues that we dogs & cats are faced with. 

Once the facts were exchanged Joanne suggested that because we already use EZ Mobility daily in our anti seizure protocol that we double the dose to help manage  inflammation & pain. In addition she felt that SinewPet which is formulated to support & maintain healthy developement of bones, muscles, joints, ligaments & tendons & would be wagnificently helpful in repairing the damage & healing from my injury whether it was my back, hip, leg or foot.

Sinewpet contains glucosamine, chondrotin, MSM, HA & collagen. As well, it has antioxiants, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients & trace minerals to nourish the skin & coat.  It has enzymes that aid digestion & absorption of nutrients & is a powdered formula for easy feeding.  HuMom simply added it to both meals along with my other supplements.

Just 3 weeks past & I started to show wooftastic improvement.  I was back to pawtrolling my yard for chippies, barking at the squirrels & neighborhood dogs, I was enthusiastic about going for walkies which huMom had completely stopped & then reduced to short, slow & only on even terrain outings.  I even jumped up onto the bed. 

I am still on the mend & will still have to take it easy for a few more weeks but I dog gone had to share how Omega Alpha‘s SinewPet & EZ Mobility supplements pawsitively helped in my healing.  We will continue to add them daily to my meals for complete joint, bone, muscle care,  & connective tissue support. 

To read more about It’s vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients & accessory nutrients click here.

Pick up your bottle of EZ Mobility & Sinewpet for the love of your furleggers & their well being.

Have a pawsome week,

CEO Olivia, Dot & Jerry Underfoot 💜  


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