Olivia’s Barkday Auction


Good day everyone, CEO Olivia reporting. As many of you know, I was adopted from a shelter, the Quinte Humane society  My actual birthday is unknown, but we know it was sometime in late spring/early summer, so my huMom decided we would share one. That makes June 21st, the first day of summer, my official “Barkday”.

This year I’ve told huMom that I would like to celebrate by holding another auction & we will once again donate the money raised to the Wally Foundation – Canine Epilepsy.

You’ll be helping a good cause. The Wally foundation helps qualifying families, shelters & rescues by helping to cover the costs of AED’s (Anti epilepsy drugs). They also redistribute unused medications that have been donated.

Here’s how you can participate. Starting next Monday, June 17th, on my Facebook page, Oh, the Life of Olivia, you’ll see the post for the auction pinned to the top of the page. We will have pictures of each toy being auctioned with a minimum bid. Click on the picture of the toy you wish to bid on & like a silent auction, you can post your bid in the comments. If someone outbids you, just post again with a higher bid. We will cut off bidding at Midnight, June 20th & then will announce the winner on my Barkday. Payment can be done through PayPal or eTransfer.

Best of luck to all who enter.

CEO Olivia

Tomorrow is CEO Olivia’s Gotcha Day


Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here. Tomorrow is a special day here at Knotty Toys for Good Dogs. It was on February 19th, 2011 that I was adopted by my huMom from the Quinte Humane Society. I had been there for three very long months before she showed up looking for a companion for my late fur bro Micky Moo Man. I called him, “Moo Moo” & he was a wooftastic furriend.

Me & Moo Moo

When I arrived at the shelter, my name was Molly & everyone called me that name. But my huMom renamed me Olivia after Olivia the Pig. She has an “I can do anything” attitude that comes from knowing she is loved. I still remember that upon arriving at my new home, as soon as I found it, I leaped on my huMom’s bed, declaring it to be mine too. My huMom took the picture below of me, capturing the moment. You can see I’m still wearing a pink collar from the Humane Society.

Since that day, my huMom has been the light of my life & she tells me she feels the same about me. I know that I’m loved, I have my pack & I know I never have to fight that epi-monster alone. I’m so very grateful that she chose to adopt instead of shopping for a new companion. Still, there are many other “Molly’s” out there waiting in a shelter for their forever home.

Tomorrow we will celebrate my gotcha day with lots of treats & then, a nap on my bed. 😉

CEO Olivia ❤

Pig Sanctuaries



We’re going a bit off topic today. As you may know, I have two pig brothers. GG & Miggy are Vietnamese Pot Bellied Pigs. Both of them were rescues & my huMom knew well in advance what she was getting into living with pigs; she did her homework.  GG came from the Quinte Humane Society but Miggy came from a sanctuary for pigs & that’s what I want to touch on today.

Pig sanctuaries. They very fact they exist is a warning sign that something is wrong. The fact that they are overwhelmed is even more cause for concern. The problem is this, the “tea cup” or “micro pig”. Unscrupulous breeders take advantage of people & sell them these “tea cup” pigs as adorable pets. But here’s the thing, “tea cup” & “micro” pigs are a myth. The pictures you might see are of baby pigs being presented as full grown adults. The famous Esther the wonder pig was sold as a “micro pig” & she’s over 500 lbs. now.

People who have done too little research buy a pig thinking they’ll have a cute little piggy as a pet. Pigs require special food & needs. Often people don’t even check to see if having a pet pig is legal where they live. Too often, after a few months the pig is given up to a shelter or a sanctuary.

Miggy came to us from the Ruby Ranch Sanctuary which is run by my huMom’s friends Sherry & Bob. It seems every day Sherry is on the phone trying to accommodate yet another pig that an owner can’t keep or handle. It’s a terrible situation & breeders just keep breeding pigs to sell as pets.

Pigs are wonderful but they are a huge commitment. They can live 20 years or more, & make no mistake, they get big. Some breeds are the size of say a German Sheppard but most are much bigger & the little “tea cup/ micro” pig that you can hold in your arms, is as I said above, a myth.


If you want to help, please consider a donation to the Ruby Ranch Sanctuary or any pig sanctuary near you. Sadly, they are popping up all over because they are needed. And if you think you may want a pet pig, please do your research.

Ruby Ranch on Facebook

Esther the wonder pig on Facebook

CEO Olivia