Now You Know: Probiotics & Prebiotics


Hello everyone, Olivia here. Today I have an announcement.

Often my huMom & I are asked questions about living with canine epilepsy, or dog related stuff in general. We are by no means experts & are sure not professionals, but we have done a lot of research & continue to do so.

So starting today, we are trying a weekly blog segment called, “Now You Know”. Readers can send in questions related to canine epilepsy, good health or dog behavior & we will do our best to find an answer. We don’t endorse products but we will speak on their effectiveness or safety.

Today we’ll start with a simple one. What’s the difference between probiotic & prebiotic food for good dogs?

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that work with the micro flora, or the “good” bacteria, living in the gut. Together, they play critical roles in the breakdown & digestion of food & help keep nasty bugs like E. coli in check. They help populate the intestine with healthy bacteria, boosting the immune system in the digestive tract & through out the body.

Prebiotics are food ingredients that travel undigested to the colon where they ferment & are converted into short chain fatty acids (SCFAs). SCFAs inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria, acting as a source of energy for colon cells & preserving electrolyte & fluid balance; this allows the intestine to move properly. When present in the bowels, prebiotics promote & support healthy digestive flora.

Since prebiotics are essentially feeding micro flora, it’s best to use them in combination with probiotics to support the growth of good bacteria in your good dog’s gut.

Now you know.

You can send your questions to:

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CEO Olivia