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With each & every Knotty Toy for Good Dogs sold we donate $1.00 to Wally’s Canine Epilepsy Foundation or simply, “the Wally Foundation” (TWF). We chose the Wally Foundation because as you know, our CEO Olivia lives with canine idiopathic epilepsy. TWF has a simple mission & purpose; “To assist owners of idiopathic epileptic dogs, dog rescue groups and animal shelters to afford medications & treatments related to canine epilepsy”.

The treatment of canine epilepsy can be burdensome & expensive. It requires a self-less commitment. Some dogs are well controlled through medication & live a full life while sadly, others have their lives cut short. The treatment of epilepsy requires constant vigilance & a strict adherence to medication schedules & protocols. This is the reality of living with an epileptic dog. It is also the reason The Wally Foundation operates, to offer support, assistance & to raise awareness. Their website provides news, research articles & links.

The Wally Foundation is named after a Saint Bernard, Wally, who had his life cut short by epilepsy. The Wally Foundation believes that no one should have to euthanize a beloved family member for financial reasons. Nor should any dog rescue or animal shelter have to turn a dog away because of epilepsy & the expense of treatment.

We are proud to help The Wally Foundation.

CEO Olivia

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The Wally Foundation