Boosting the Immune System to Fight Allergens


I don’t know what it’s like where you are, but we seem to have a lot of insects flying about this year. Black flies, Deer Flies, Mosquitoes, & tiny flies called Ceratopogonidae, that we call, “no-see-ums”. If that wasn’t enough bugging, we are also dealing with tree damaging Gypsy Moth caterpillars which can also leave a dog gone itchy mark.

Instead of inhaling allergens, we dogs usually pick them up through our skin & from  insect bites, so we scratch, chew, roll & rub, making us prone to secondary ear & eye infections. All of which  I too suffered with every Spring until this  one. I haven’t had a hot spot or rash at all. I’m not scratching like a mad dog, nor biting myself raw.

We know that a strong immune system is impawtant for a dog’s health. So this lead us to the question, ‘Is my immune system stronger than it has been in the past?’ Which then lead us to the ask, ‘What’s different this year?’

This previous year I included a CBD oil (with 3rd party analysis). Off topic but grateful for 107 seizure free days.  We know CBD is beneficial to the immune system, improves hemostasis & works as an anti inflammatory.

I also started to included Omega Alpha’s Pet Vitality & EZ Mobility in my dinner meal. It was time to dog up to the fact I am a senior & need a senior’s formula to address my senior dog needs. Pet Vitality is my supplement for those needs. You can click on the link to read all about it.  The other supplement newly added is Omega Alpha’s EZ Mobility.  It was added as a seizure preventative due to it’s anti inflammatory properties, but it also supports healthy joints & flexibility. I need that for pawtrolling for chippies & Squirrels.

My daily Organic Raw Local Honey, blueberries & coconut yogurt also help to boost my immune system. As does taking a probiotic; my choice is Omega Alpha’s Probiotic 8 Plus.  I have included this in my meals for years.

We are increasingly learning that the ‘Gut is Everything’. So we feel a probiotic is wooftastically impawtant. Probiotic 8 Plus is a source of essential B vitamins, contains essential trace minerals & enzymes which aid digestion while enhancing absorption of nutrients.

We four leggers will react pretty much the same way as you humans when we get bit & allergies flare. Swelling & itchiness are common & if necessary an antihistamine can help relieve symptoms. I have a blog post about it that you can sniff out.

Today I’m inside mostly so bugs aren’t bugging me. It’s 32C here & that’s a bit too much for this good dog.

CEO Olivia