Suzie Q, Our Geriatric Good Dog


Suzie & Olivia hanging out

Welcome to the final week of August. CEO Olivia here. The other day, I was asked how old fur-sister Suzie Q is. The truth is, we don’t know how old she is but our best guess is she’s in her mid teens. That makes her a senior or geriatric dog & therefore, she requires a little extra care.

Suzie is in very good health. Her coat is full, shiny & her weight is good. She can still zoom about in short bursts, just not for what seemed hours, as she once did.

We know she has pain in her back hips & shoulders. In order to help her, our huMom has added a few extras to her diet. At dinner, Suzie gets a natural pain relief supplement for dogs called “E-Z Mobility“. It’s made by a company called Omega Alpha. It supports healthy joints, flexibility & healthy muscles.

We both get  Turmeric paste every meal. It’s a good natural anti-inflammatory. We also both get CBD oil with our meals. In the morning we get a drop of pure CBD derived from hemp & at night with dinner we get a drop of CBD oil with a hint of THC derived from Cannabis. We’ve all noticed the latter seems to help Suzie a lot. Her posture has improved & she seems more relaxed.

Suzie will soon be seeing the vet for her geriatric profile which is a check-up for older dogs. She will be checked for overall body condition such as: eyes, ears, mouth, feet, hair coat, muscle mass & palpates for any abnormal growths. Also, we will look at blood chemistry profile, CBC, urinalysis, & thyroid test, all of which are important.

Suzie is much loved & gets great care. She is fed well, gets short walks every day, she has play time with her Knotty Toys For Good Dogs & she has a thickly padded dog bed to make her old bones more comfortable.

She may be a little hard of hearing & she doesn’t see as good as she once did, but her nose is still at 100% & together we sniff out wonderful stinks on our walks. I think having a family helps her too. She was alone for a very long time & we feel being a part of a larger pack means a lot to her. We all hope she has many happy years ahead of her still.

CEO Olivia