Remembering Chelsey



Today is a sad day here at Knotty Toys for Good Dogs. It’s the anniversary of the passing of one of my predecessors, Chelsey. That’s her on our logo. She appeared in music video’s that aired on Much Music & had a few theatre walk ons ; her “stage name” was Mona Beasta. BOL!

chelsey1Chelsey was a brindle & white English Bull Terrier who radiated joy where ever she went. HuMom called her a little clown. Chelsey & her brother Winston had spent a very long time sheltered at the animal hospital where my huMom worked.  When Chelsey’s brother found his forever home she was adopted by my huMom & became her best friend.


She was a wonderfully good dog & I know my huMom misses her still.


I wish I could have met my “auntie Chelsey”, I’m sure we would have been wooftastic furriends.

CEO Olivia