Remembering Micky aka Moo Moo


Hello everyone. Today I’m remembering my late fur bro Micky Man Moo. He was a stunningly handsome Husky, German Sheppard cross with a snow white coat. We all called him Moo or Moo Moo.

My huMom rescued him from a terrible life. Poor Moo was chained up outside year round, forced to eat road kill & was expected to pull a dog sled with a team even though he was starving.

With a lot of love & patience my huMom worked with Moo & slowly they both learned to trust each other. Moo was very fearful at first.

Micky Moo Lived to be eighteen. Although I have Suize Q to keep me company, still, I miss the “Moo man”.

CEO Olivia