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Canine Culture

Welcome to Friday everyone, CEO Olivia reporting. Today I’ve sniffed out the work of San Francisco artist Sam Price. His art technique is called collage or photo-montage. It requires hours of assembling, cutting & pasting hundreds of tiny paper pieces onto canvas to create a finished work of art. His work is considered Eco-friendly as his materials are recycled.

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Have a pawsome weekend.

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Paper Mache Good Dogs

Canine Culture

While sniffing about the inter-webs for dog related art I came across something different. Back in 2013, Brooklyn artist Will Kurtz did a solo exhibit at the Mike Weiss Gallery in New York City.

Constructed of unlikely materials such as newspaper, glue, wire & wood, there are more than 20 dogs of every breed, size & color, each rendered more expressively than the next.

Check out this wooftastic exhibit.

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More Good Dogs & Their Knotty Toys


The Rodgers Tanksley Pack know how to enjoy a good Knotty Gnaw & Knotty Chaw chew.

Meet Good Dog Doozer.  Deanne Rodgers Tanksley _ Doozer






















Meet Good Dog Patches. Deanne Rodgers Tanksley _Patches






















Meet Good Dog Gabby.  Deanne Rodgers Tanksley _Gaby























Doozer & his huMom doing the Knotty Gnaw dance.  Deanne Rodgers Tanksley _ Doozer Video

Deanne Rodgers Tanksley is also the huMom of Riley of ‘Living The Life of Riley’.

Riley like me is a Canine Epilepsy Ambassador.  You can read about his journey with Canine Epilepsy on his Facebook pageLiving The LIfe of Riley

CEO, Olivia