Beta Testers Needed


Hi everyone, CEO Olivia here. As I mentioned earlier, my huMom & I have been working on a hemp finger toothbrush (FTB). Good dental hygiene is as impawtant to us good dogs & cool cats as it is for you humans.

I’ve sniffed out various thicknesses of hemp canvas & linen. I wanted something soft, yet strong enough to remove plaque without irritating my gums. It also needs to survive the washing machine. Well I’m tail waggingly pleased to announce that I think that huMom & I finally got it right.

The new hemp FTB is wooftastic in my opinion. Full disclosure, I hate getting my teeth brushed, but huMom has pointed out that it’s been much quicker lately because I’m much more co-operative. That’s because I don’t mind the hemp FTB, it feels like I’m getting a nice gum massage. I used to hate the bristly ones meant for little human use. Also there was a rubbery finger brush huMom tried. It didn’t feel nice & I wasn’t very pleased with it.

Before I add this hemp finger toothbrush to our store, I’d like to run a beta test. I need five good dogs or cool cats who’d like to pawticipate. If you’d like to help with the beta test, you’ll receive two free sample hemp finger toothbrushes (two sizes).

I have a few easy hoops you must jump through.

First, sign up for my Newsletter (join the pack), on the Knotty Toys for Good Dogs Store, then do one of the following:

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Last step, comment here on the blog or send me a PM on Facebook with the name of your good dog or cool cat & what you followed. Those chosen will be contacted by the end of this week.

Thank you in advance to the beta testers. Wishing you good oral health during this National Dental Health Month & throughout the year.

CEO Olivia

Special bark out to my fellow epilepsy warriors on this International Epilepsy Day 2020.

Today Is International Epilepsy Day


CEO Oliva observes International Epilepsy Day

Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here, as you know, I live with idiopathic canine epilepsy. Today is International Epilepsy Day. It’s observed annually on the second Monday of February.

International Epilepsy Day began in 2015. Organized by the International Bureau for Epilepsy & the International League Against Epilepsy. It’s a day for humans who live with epilepsy to share their experiences & stories with a global audience. The day also calls for all people to advocate for appropriate legislation that will guarantee human rights of people with epilepsy & encourages those with epilepsy to live to their fullest potential. I’m sure they feel the same about us good dogs.

Today, I want to remind everyone of two things.

1. Knotty Toys for Good Dogs donates a portion of our sales profit to the Wally Foundation for Canine Epilepsy, a non profit who educate, advocate & assists qualifying individuals & organizations such as rescues & shelters with the costs of medication & medical costs.

2. We have free eBooks about living with canine epilepsy. They were written for those who are new to living with canine epilepsy. If you’d like to download them, just paw the eBooks link in the menu at the top of this page.

How will you be observing International Epilepsy Day? I hope you’re wearing purple.

CEO Olivia

It’s International Purple Day ~ New eBook!


CEO Olivia Purple Day

Hello everyone, CEO Olivia here. Are you wearing your finest purple today? If not go & change, I’ll wait. BOL! Today we are participating in International Purple Day by releasing the next eBook in my series, ‘CEO Olivia’s Quick Sniff eBook series’.

Our next book is written by Deanne Tanksly who is huMom to many good dogs, including my late fellow Epi Warrior, Riley. It’s titled, “If I Knew Then What I know Now (I Still Wouldn’t Change A Thing)”.

Today I have a PDF version of all my eBooks available right here, free to download. Unfortunately, WordPress won’t allow me to share the format for Apple or eBook readers, but I can email them to you if you send a request to, Or go to my store & paw the sign up at the bottom of the main page.

My huMom & I hope these eBooks can provide some guidance & hope for those who live with canine epilepsy. I’d like to thank Deanne for writing this touching informative eBook.

It’s not too late to enter our Purple Day Fashion Show. Just go to my Facebook page & upload a pic of your good dog in their finest purple. A winner by random draw will win a Knotty Toy for Good Dogs. I’ll bark out who the winner is tomorrow.

Finally, for today, we will be donating $2 to the Wally Foundation with each toy sold.

check your emotions

Book 1 Check Your Emotions

Book #1 Check Your Emotions




Book 2 Seizure Types

Book #2 Seizure Types





Stages of a Seizure

Book 3 Stages of a Seizure

Book #3 Stages of a Seizure




If I Knew Then What I Know Now (I Still Wouldn’t Change A Thing)

Book #4 If I Knew Then What I Know Now





I hope you all have a wooftastic International Purple Day. If you see a human or good dog sporting their purple, be sure to smile.

CEO Olivia ❤