Redemption Dogs Are Returning to Houston


Good day everyone. CEO Olivia here. A few weeks back I barked out about Toronto photographer, Nicole Simone & her, “Redemption Paws”. project. They sent volunteers from Toronto, Canada to Houston, Texas after hurricane Harvey & brought back over 40 dogs from the over crowded rescues & shelters in the Houston area.

The situation there sadly hasn’t improved much. The powerful storm caused widespread damage & flooding in Houston. Thousands of dogs were rounded up by shelters, many of which were already over-capacity.

A 30-day hold period put in place for people to claim dogs following the storm has now expired, & the shelters, still overcrowded are pleading for help because they don’t want to put dogs down.

Redemption Paws is returning to Houston to bring back more dogs to Canada. They are raising funds through a GoFundMe campaign. The organization’s own shelter is already full after the first trip to Houston, but Simone said other Canadian shelters have space available & are ready. Simone wanted to stress the Redemption Paws rescue operations won’t affect or displace Canadian dogs already in shelters. Ontario has a 92% adoption rate.

If you wish to make a financial donation you can do so through the Redemption Paws GoFundMe campaign. Remember that even a small amount can help. You can also donate food, travel crates, blankets, bowls, leashes or anything you think a good dog might need.

I know the media jumps from story to story, but lets not forget those still recovering from the hurricanes, especially the animals. They still need help.

Redemption Paws on Facebook

CEO Olivia

Redemption Dogs Goes to Houston


Last year I did a blog post about Toronto photographer, Nicole Simone & her ongoing project called, “Redemption Dogs”. She photographs rescued dogs with their humans & tells their story.

I was pleased to see that Nicole is doing what she can to help dogs in Houston, Texas. She is heading there to help local rescues which are overwhelmed. Redemption Dogs volunteers Alex & Tim will be taking a temperature controlled van down so that they can transport back to Toronto as many dogs as they can manage. There are already half a dozen rescues in Toronto that are ready to intake these dogs.

They presently have a budget of $2000 for van rental, gas, accommodation, & food for the volunteers. The rest of the budget is in preparation of vetting costs which will include rabies vaccinations before coming across the border, as well as testing for & treating Heartworm if needed once the dogs are in Canada. Heartworm is prevalent in Texas & can cost upwards of $1,500 for treatment. Any funds that are left over will be donated to Houston area rescues & shelters.

You can do your part by donating to their GoFundMe campaign. On the campaign page you can see a detailed break down of how they will spend the funds. I hope you can find it in your heart to contribute. Three bum swings & three more for Nicole. What a wooftastic human.

CEO Olivia

Houston ~ How You Can Help


Hello, CEO Olivia here. As you all must know, there is a serious crisis in Houston, Texas & the surrounding areas. Hurricane Harvey has brought massive flooding & destruction. Humans are in need of aid but so are the animals.

There are many rescue groups doing what they can to reach as many animals as possible but the numbers are overwhelming. It has been reported that over 70,000 homes are underwater.

People have been contacting the Wally Foundation wanting to donate epileptic medications for the epi-warriors in Houston. Wally Foundation Director Rick Selwood has stated that although it’s wonderful that people want to donate, medical records can’t be verified & he feels it would be best if people donated money to active rescue groups such as the ASPCA.

The ASPCA web site is set up to take financial donations & has regular updates as to their rescue efforts. You can also donate to the Houston SPCA directly.

At times like this it is important to come together. Please, if you can make a donation, do so. The money will go towards supporting rescue efforts.

Our hearts go out to everyone, human & non-human, living through this disaster.

CEO Olivia