Holiday Roundup


Hello everyone, CEO Reporting. At this time of year, there are several impawtant messages I like to share which I am doing so today through links to previous blog posts that are relevant to the holiday season.

But first, I want to take a moment to express some gratitude.

Our canine epilepsy community & furiends mean the world to my me & my family. Every day we are reminded of how fortunate we are; you give us so much strength. We are also grateful to those who helped us help the Wally Foundation ~ Canine Epilepsy this year. They help warriors fight another day.

We also want to express our gratitude to those who helped me get my Zonisamide in time. huMom had ordered it a while ago but it got tied up in a FedEx Building ( it arrived today – 7 days late) This drug isn’t readily available in Canada, it needs to be made to order. Thank you to Channon at the Aspley Veterinary Services for making numerous calls searching for a compound pharmacy that could make the medication in time. I also want to thank the Summit Veterinary Pharmacy for doing a rush order on my behalf. Also big thank you to my SAM, who drove almost 7 hours non stop to pick up my prescription.

As promised, here are impawtant links I want to share:

Homelessness is a growing issue. This year especially. This includes pets. This article suggests ways you can help.

This is also a hard year for shelters & rescues. Donations are down. This article also shows ways you can help out.

I imagine family gatherings may be smaller this year, if at all, but if you are having guests, I have some suggestions about how to help your four legger cope with the stress of guests.

Finally, there’s nothing wrong with adopting a puppy or kitten for the holidays, however there is a right way & a wrong way to go about it. This article sniffs out the facts.

All of us here at Knotty Toys for Good Dogs wish everyone a wooftastic holiday season & a pawsome new year.

Dottie, Jerry Underfoot, GG & me, send our best wishes. huMom & SAM too.

CEO Olivia💜✨ 💟🕎☯️🎄❄️

Redemption Dogs Are Returning to Houston


Good day everyone. CEO Olivia here. A few weeks back I barked out about Toronto photographer, Nicole Simone & her, “Redemption Paws”. project. They sent volunteers from Toronto, Canada to Houston, Texas after hurricane Harvey & brought back over 40 dogs from the over crowded rescues & shelters in the Houston area.

The situation there sadly hasn’t improved much. The powerful storm caused widespread damage & flooding in Houston. Thousands of dogs were rounded up by shelters, many of which were already over-capacity.

A 30-day hold period put in place for people to claim dogs following the storm has now expired, & the shelters, still overcrowded are pleading for help because they don’t want to put dogs down.

Redemption Paws is returning to Houston to bring back more dogs to Canada. They are raising funds through a GoFundMe campaign. The organization’s own shelter is already full after the first trip to Houston, but Simone said other Canadian shelters have space available & are ready. Simone wanted to stress the Redemption Paws rescue operations won’t affect or displace Canadian dogs already in shelters. Ontario has a 92% adoption rate.

If you wish to make a financial donation you can do so through the Redemption Paws GoFundMe campaign. Remember that even a small amount can help. You can also donate food, travel crates, blankets, bowls, leashes or anything you think a good dog might need.

I know the media jumps from story to story, but lets not forget those still recovering from the hurricanes, especially the animals. They still need help.

Redemption Paws on Facebook

CEO Olivia