Olivia’s 7th Barkday is Coming


Hello everyone, it’s me, Olivia once again. I have a short announcement today. It’s still a few weeks away but I’m already swinging my tail with anticipation because I’ll be turning 7 on June 21st.

I want to share my special day with all of you so I’m going to have a Give-A-Way. In fact, I’m going to have two Give-A-Ways. One for a good dog & one for a good cat.

Our Knotty Toys for Good Dogs are wooftastic. My furSister Suzie Q & I love ours, & Dottie is always flinging her Knotty Bon Bons about. So I’m going to toss a few to some lucky good dogs & cats in celebration of my Barkday.

The fun will begin soon.

CEO Olivia




4 thoughts on “Olivia’s 7th Barkday is Coming

  1. We love barkdays and are looking forward to your celebration next month! To get the ‘pawty’ started, we’re sending our best barkday wishes because you can’t celebrate enough when you’re an epi-warrior. So *♪ღ♪★Happy (early) Birthday★, sweet girl! ♪ღ♪*

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